A guard speaking with a construction worker / Un agent en conversation avec un travailleur de la construction

Construction Site Security

Theft and vandalism have become an increasing problem in the construction industry; adding unnecessary delays and cost to your project. Securitas will protect your sites, equipment, materials, tools and trailers from the time you break ground until your project is delivered.

Your project will go through many phases and your security needs will vary. Integrated Guarding Solutions provide you with flexible and scalable security services that allow you to combine On Site Guarding, Remote Guarding and Mobile Guarding as you need it, where you need it. Remote Guarding uses security cameras on existing structures or, where there isn’t electricity, our portable Mobile Security Units (MSUs).  The MSUs have a 26x optical zoom, are motion activated, and have weatherproof cameras on 30’ telescoping masts which can be transported to protect your site as required. In addition, portable wireless alarm systems can be used to further protect your heavy machinery, equipment, and trailers.

Remote Monitoring Specialists at our Canadian Security Operations Centre will monitor your site 24/7 and, at the first sign of a security threat, will take the necessary steps to protect your property, materials, and site by dispatching a mobile patrol.

Securitas is a global security company that specializes in complete security solutions including:


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