Military vet saluting the Canadian flag / Vétéran saluant le drapeau canadien

Canadian Military Veterans

Our military veterans are motivated by the same set of values that lead our company - Integrity, Vigilance, and Helpfulness. Our military veterans bring a unique and valuable skill-set to Securitas, that we strive to recognize.

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We are proud to support veteran employment efforts and actively seek applicants with military experience. We salute you for your service, value your skills, and welcome you to apply with us. Here are a few of our Canadian military veterans:

Kurt Trebels - Site Manager

Kurt was a member of the Canadian Military for over 26 years. Throughout his time in the military he served in two United Nations operations and in Afghanistan as an Intelligence Team Lead. While serving his country, Kurt was awarded decorations including the Canadian Forces Decoration with Bar (CD1), United Nations Force in Cyprus, Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal, General Service Medal South West Asia, and many more. 

Kurt retired from the military and is now a site manager for one of our largest customers in Ottawa. He manages over 65 guards, including several shift supervisors and an assistant site manager. The core skills that one learns in the military are Professionalism, Integrity, Loyalty, and Teamwork – all traits that Securitas values in our employees.

Peter MacAulay - Security Guard, Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada

Peter was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a paramilitary organization, for approximately 30 years. He has a rich and storied career, working as a Technical and Teaching Assistant at the Mount Allison University, and then in an Forensics Lab. After retiring from the RCMP he became a Security Guard in the private sector. Peter has been with Securitas since 2013.

Paul Woods - Mobile Patrol, Regina

Paul was a member of the Canadian Military for 26 years, and has held various positions such as an Air Defense Tech and Warrant Officer. He has had professional work experience through North America, in cities such as Colorado, Washington, Sudbury, and North Bay.  He also taught Air Weapons Control and Countermeasures,  and was a crew chief in the Air Defence Operations Centre. Paul joined Securitas in 2012 after retiring from the military. Since joining, he has held a variety of positions such as security guard, supervisor and mobile patrol guard.


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