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Our History

Securitas is the world's leading intelligence security service provider. Our current strategy relies on 90 years of experience of leading the transformation of the security industry by putting our clients at the heart of our business.

Securitas entered the Canadian market in 1999, but our history goes back more than 150 years with the acquisition of two security firms, Pinkerton and Burns International.

In 2021 our business transformation processes to modernize our infrastructure and refine our processes continue to move forward. We have secured a strong position to solve our clients' security needs by continuing to invest in the training and development of qualified and engaged people, creating a comprehensive integrated experience between our clients and our employees, and using our state-of-the-art technologies and services to provide real-time data for increasing complex needs. 

Our Roots

To understand where we are today, we must consider our roots. In the beginning of the 1900’s, private security companies offering to watch for fires and to guard entrances and gates became increasingly common. Today, security solutions have developed to meet specialized client demands. The industry is led by a few international companies – among them, Securitas.

Our story began in 1934, in the Swedish town of Helsingborg, when Erik Philip Sörensen, the son of a security pioneer, purchased a local security company called Hälsingborgs Nattvakt.In 1934, Erik Philip-Sörensen established the forerunner of Securitas. In the late 1940s, the demand for more advanced security services increased and Securitas Alarm was formed to offer technology as a complement to the guarding services. In 1972, all Philip-Sörensen’s security companies were gathered under the collective name of Securitas, the Latin word for security.

In 1999, when Securitas AB entered the North American market by acquiring Pinkerton, the company became the largest security firm in the world. At the time, Securitas AB was already the leading protective services company in Europe. Like Securitas AB, Pinkerton had a rich history dating back to 1850 when Allan Pinkerton founded Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency.

In 2000, Securitas acquired Burns International. Burns International had grown from a small detective agency to the second largest security provider in the U.S.

In 2001, all of the Canadian guarding operations united under the single name of Securitas Canada.

Our road to success

Our success is built upon combining cutting-edge technology with traditions, knowledge, and experience from over eighty years of protecting people and property. From that first day until now, our team wakes up every day and puts on the Securitas uniform with dedication to the commitment to help make your world a safer place.

Securitas Logo, three red dots

Securitas’ three red dots celebrating 50 years

The iconic three red dots, constituting the logotype for security solutions provider Securitas, celebrate 50-year anniversary since first registration.

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