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RG Watch: Flexible and Rugged Solution

Reap the benefits of a rugged design for outdoor deployment, a force-multiplier to increase visibility, and a speaker for real-time communication, all without interfering with your network or bandwidth.


RGWatch connects our highly trained Remote Guards with first-in-class camera technology to provide Remote Escorts to employees or use analytics to protect your facility without costly or time-consuming installation.


Key Features:

  • Connectivity to Securitas Operation Center
  • Professional grade video analytics alert Remote Guards based on activity such as: human or vehicle activity, loitering, direction of travel, etc.
  • Proactive Remote Patrols to search for proper work procedure (i.e. safe work practices and PPE) or specific types of unwanted activity
  • Remote Escorts for employees leaving after hours
  • HD camera with onboard storage, and cellular connectivity
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