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Melker Schörling Scholarship

The knowledge and experience of our people is the foundation of Securitas


The Melker Schörling Scholarship offers our people the opportunity to develop professional knowledge and experience in an international setting. 

Established in 1992, the Melker Schörling Scholarship was created when Melker Schörling left his position as President and CEO to become Chairman of the Board.  The purpose of the scholarship is to offer international training opportunities within a specific area/topic in a country where Securitas operates.

Every year, Securitas selects four ‘Everyday Heroes’ from around the world to receive the Melker Schörling scholarship. This is a chance to deepen our Guard’s security knowledge with 3-5 days study in another country of our Guard's choice.

This opportunity is available specifically for our frontline workforce who has made a difference for our customers and the communities we serve.


Applicants should submit their written application to me before October 15, 2022.  Once all applications are received, our Canadian executive team will select one application and forward it to the CEO of Securitas, in Sweden. 

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