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Securitas Group

Securitas is a global knowledge leader in security.

Securitas Annual Report

Securitas Group has approximately 345 000 employees in 47 markets. 

We are a global leader in security services and provide a wide range of security solutions to various industries and customer segments.  Our customers range from private homes, small businesses to large multi-national and global companies.

We provide the following services:

Our global operations are based out of North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. We are efficiently structured with a flat and decentralized organization with three major business continents.

  • Security Services North America
  • Security Services Europe
  • Security Services Ibero-America

From a broad range of services offering specialized guarding, technology solutions and consulting and investigations, we customize offerings that are suited to the individual customer's needs, in order to deliver the most effective security solutions. Everywhere from small stores to large airports, our employees are making a difference.

Securitas can respond to unique and specific security challenges facing our customers by tailoring our offering according to their specific industry demands.

Securitas is publicly listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, and Nasdaq Stockholm.  


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