A guard patrolling the ports / Un agent en patrouille au port

Maritime Security

Canada is book-ended by 2 oceans, has 5 great lakes, and thousands of smaller lakes and rivers with hundreds of ports – ranging from large international ports to small local marinas, each needing a customized security solution.

Just like airports, seaports are points of entry to Canada and security work is performed according to international regulations. Our Maritime Security Solutions may use a combination of security guards, mobile patrols, and remote video monitoring to ensure the port/marina, staff, visitors, boats, and cargo are safe. Our maritime security guards are specially trained guards who inspect staff and passengers, luggage, and freight entering the port, or aboard passenger cruise vessels. Inspections and searches are performed according to the rules of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code.

Securitas is a global security company that specializes in complete security solutions including:


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