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National Support

Our national head office houses the executive team and supporting teams that ensure our operations run efficiently, and we continue to grow our business and launch new, innovative security products and services.

Executive Team

  • A combined wealth of industry knowledge and experience ensures that Securitas remains a leader in the security industry
  • Ensures our clients receive leading edge products, programs and service

Sales and Marketing

  • Responsible for the sale of security services to prospective clients
  • Develops and manages all branding, communication, advertising, trade-shows, events, and proposal-writing

National Accounts and Financial Services Division

  • Manages and supports national and strategic accounts
  • Dedicated team for managing financial services accounts


  • Responsible for all accounting, finance, strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, and pension management

Legal and Risk

  • Manages all legal work, including customer and union contracts, and issues
  • Oversees all risk and insurance matters relating to our staff and clients

Health & Safety, and Quality Management

  • All health claims, quality control, and ISO Certification processes


  • Develop and manage all national training programs
  • Work with vendors for development and enhancement of our e-learning platform "Securitas On-Line Academy"

Human Resources

  • Responsible for HR policies and procedures
  • Manages union negotiations, labour and employment matters, recruitment and staffing, Health & Safety and Workers' Compension, and all related quality control and ISO procedures


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