Security Guard Awards

Our awards and recognition program highlights staff that exemplify our core values of integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness. These employees go above and beyond the call of duty to help our clients and the public.

Security Guard of the Year, Heroism - 2014 

Jaspreet receiving his award

Jaspreet Rajpoot from Western Canada won the 2014 Security Guard of the Year Award of the year for Heroism. While on duty, Jaspreet observed a visually-impaired woman inadvertently crossing the road directly towards two moving trains. Jaspreet immediately ran towards the woman, and was able to manoeuvre her away from danger. He stopped what could have been a major accident and his quick actions were instrumental in saving her life. Jaspreet was honoured as Security Guard of the Year for Heroism, an award that recognizes the integrity, courage and professionalism of a guard to help protect people or property. He is a shining example of what Securitas represents - integrity, vigilance, and willingness to help in a time of need.


Security Guard of the Year, Performance - 2014 Stephen receiving his award

Stephen Craig of Eastern Canada, won Security Guard of the Year for performance during 2014. While on duty at a large client site, Stephen was notified of smoke in one of the tenant spaces. He investigated and took note that it was not registering on either the fire panel or the smoke detectors, so immediately called the fire department. The firefighters were able to find the fault with a potlight experiencing an electrical issue. The Fire Chief expressed his praise regarding Stephen's helpfulness and support by ensuring that firefighters had all maps, escorts, keys, specialized equipment and controls needed on this site. Stephen Craig exemplifies the core values of Securitas and has consistently provided excellent service and outstanding performance.


Award of Merit, Vigilance - 2014 Robert receiving his award

Robert Selby was on post in Calgary when he was notified of a suspicious person in the parking lot. Monitoring the external cameras, Robert observed a person standing in the parking lot. He kept his focus on the person, even though his behaviour wasn't that unusual. After a few minutes, Robert noticed the person take an object out of his pocket. Robert zoomed in on the object and discovered that it was a gun. He phoned the police, locked down the facility, announced there was an incident in the parking lot, and directed everyone to remain on site. The police arrived and apprehended the suspect. The suspect had a loaded gun and a suicide note. Robert's vigilance and quick-thinking saved one, perhaps many, lives that day.





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